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Better Sex During the Holidays

With your super busy schedule, there is one thing that gets pushed to the back burner…

Your sex life.

The problem is that what starts this time of year can easily roll into next year.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Be intentional. Get your spouse on the calendar. Schedule time for conversations. And yes even for sex.
  • Share more than just the surface stuff. Dig deep and get to know what is going on with your spouse!
  • Check out what we have in our bedroom so you can add them to yours.
  • Question & Answers

Intimacy Mindset

A Married Couples Guide to Go From “I Can’t” to “I Can” When It Comes to Sexual Intimacy

  • Discover why “I can” may be the two most powerful words you ever utter in your bedroom.
  • Learn key differences between the male and female brain and their impact on communication, initiating and romance.
  • Identify when and where your “I can’t” voice shows up.
  • Discover your power to replace the inner voice that says you are unable to be intimate to one that says “I can”.

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