Premature ejaculation can certainly take a toll on your marriage as sexual intimacy is a critical component in your relationship.

The Impact of Premature Ejaculation

Over time, sexual issues, such as premature ejaculation can slowly chip away your marriage foundation.

Even though effective communication is crucial to a healthy long-lasting marriage, it can be difficult for a husband to discuss his premature ejaculation concerns with his wife.

I know this first hand. One evening Alisa and I were enjoying foreplay. It started out like we normal do, but the results were different this night.

As we got more into our foreplay and the tension was rising, I couldn’t hold back.

All the build up was leading to a quick penetration and ejaculation.

Just like that I was done.

I’m talking less than 60 seconds.

Alisa laid there looking up at me and wondering if that was it. She was in a state of shock.

It was in that moment as I looked back at her that I was embarrassed and felt lacking as a man.

Afterwards there was this sense of shame that I associated with ejaculating prematurely.

Like myself, many men think that admitting that they have a problem controlling their arousal means that they are less of a man.

Not so.

One thing is for sure, not talking to your spouse about what happened will actually make this intimate time together something you don’t look forward to.

Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and anger can quickly escalate, all of which can make premature ejaculation even more frustrating.

Sex was never meant to be like this.

The Impact of Premature Ejaculation

The Physical Impact

Scientists tell us that sex promotes “pair bonding” and it is crucial for a healthy sexual relationship.

During sex, and particularly during orgasm, chemicals such as oxytocin and dopamine are released. These in turn strengthen the bond between you and your spouse.

This “pair bonding” increases the feeling of security and trust, as well as an increase in emotional intimacy.

The Emotional Impact

When you are not able to perform to what you expect, both you and your spouse not only miss out on these healthy bonding chemicals, but are left feeling embarrassed, inadequate and disappointed.

This can actually make premature ejaculation symptoms even more prominent.

You may be at a point where you avoid sexual intimacy with your wife for fear of rejection or embarrassment.

If you do not take action to better understand your body and the cause of your premature ejaculation you could be sabotaging this intimate time.

Over time, avoiding sex because of premature ejaculation, is going to lead to other issues that will arise in your marriage.

Believe me, I’ve had many emails come my way over the years about this.

Don’t let premature ejaculation impact you and your marriage any longer. It’s time that you experience the sexual intimacy you desire with your spouse.

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  1. Tony, you really hit the hammer on the head, sexual maladjustment had caused the collapse of many marriages and premature ejaculation is the major cause. Premature Ejaculation is really serious and I feel for women whose husbands has this problem. Women whose husbands has the problem of premature ejaculation feel sexually frustrated and unfulfilled in bed.

    Most at times while they are sill trying to respond sexually, their husbands are done, leaving them unfulfilled and frustrated sexually. There are women who got involved in extramarital affairs, they cited their husband’s sexual inadequacies as the cause of their going outside their marital home.

    If you are a man with premature ejaculation if you love your wife, you should do everything possible to be satisfying her sexually. That is to say, you should take action to treat the problem of premature ejaculation by offering yourself for ejaculation training. Tony suggested an ejaculation trainer above, your wife needs sexual satisfaction, don’t deny her that, so treat yourself to be a man in bed.