You turn on the water to start a shower for you and your loved one. It begins to warm up so you get in and then your spouse follows. What happens next is a struggle to be the one in the water. One of you is in and one of you is out.

Well, that no longer has to be the case. You can both have your own steady stream of warm water with your very own duel shower head. Be warm, have fun, and enjoy your shower time together.

Good lighting is the key to creating a cozy feel in your bedroom. You should have the ability to lower the lights so
they are dim and romantic…

When you use a Himalayan salt lamp you can set that romantic mood. The warm amber light from this lamp will give your bedroom the perfect glow, while also activating the salt crystal to purify the air.

The Sleep+Sound Machine is aimed to not only get you a good night’s rest but also to make sure that while you spend time in your room, that it is not only sleeping that you are doing.

It helps to make sure that your sex life does not just go down the drain simply because the kids are awake or other people are in the house.

There is no reason why your sex life should suffer simply because you have children or visitors over.

Having sex no matter how loud or how gentle you like it, will be pleasurable for you both.