After 20 years of sleeping in the same bed we know the struggle you face when you wake up in the middle of the night with no covers on you.

Yes… you spouse is a cover hog. 🙂

We have faced the same issue ourselves until we found the Cover Clamp. Quick and easy to set up, this clamp keeps our covers in place throughout the night.

No more waking up cold and uncovered. We highly recommend this if your covers are getting away from you at night.

Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo
Grab Your Cover Clamp Today

I just wanted to say thank you. After our session last night we talked about how much we both appreciate your honestly and openness.

In addition, we truly appreciate that you don’t get lost in the details of this fight or that argument and it is all just about baby steps and positive forward motion to a better marriage.

Thanks again!!!

There is something magical about the back of the neck. It’s that sweet spot that can send chills down the spine.

It’s that kiss that’s intentional, not just brushing the cheek.

It’s that touch that says, “I see you and I desire you.” Today, find a way to kiss her neck and watch what happens.