It’s not the act of getting married that ensures your success. It’s all the little acts you do from that point forward that determine the success of your marriage.

What actions are you taking today to make your marriage extraordinary?

Can you admit that there is A LOT of temptation in the world?

It’s there from what you watch on TV to who you talk to in the break room.

Just say NO.

Remind yourself that the temporary is NEVER worth throwing away the permanent.

Walking away from temptation is one of the sexiest and most romantic choices that you can ever make for your marriage.

Coaching is a powerful tool that God has used in my life, not just as my profession but for my own personal life. I have used a coach for health & fitness, business and most recently marriage!

Today, Love is in the air, and if you are not feeling so lovely with your hubby (or wifey) then give yourselves the best present ever…

Natalie H. via Facebook
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