Rebuild your marriage into what you envisioned it would be the day you said "I DO."


An 8-week course that will turn your marriage around and get you back to feeling wanted, connected and intimate.

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo are best selling authors, hosts of the world's #1 Marriage Podcast and the founders of ONE Extraordinary Marriage, a leading online source for couples on sex, love and commitment.

They are credited with saving thousands of marriages every single year and are heard in 180 countries.

Walking Down The Aisle Is Easy - But Staying Together is HARD...

Marriage today is more challenging than at any other time in history. Even if you're a great pair who is meant to be together, the longer you're in it... the harder marriage can become.

Did you know that nearly 50% of all couples who walk down the aisle... will also walk into a courtroom and ask for a divorce?

Sites catering to “divorcees” are one of the fastest growing niches in the online dating industry.

Saying I DO is easy. Staying together when things get turbulent, stale or bumpy is HARD.

Are you finding yourselves constantly struggling to "get on the same page" and wondering how to actually talk to each other without arguing, complaining or criticizing?

Ilustrao - DivrcioAs time has passed have you found yourself in a "sexless" marriage drained of intimacy and desire?

Does the person you love feel like a stranger in your own bed?

Do one (or both) of you suffer from broken trust and even though you love each other, you can't seem to be open, honest and fully transparent with each other?

We get it. Because we were exactly where you are now.

To be honest, we didn’t always have an extraordinary marriage.

There were entire seasons in our 19 years of marriage that we didn’t even try.

Just like the most accomplished athletes, actors, singers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs STILL need the guidance of an experienced coach, we did too.

We couldn’t DO THE WORK alone, none of us can.

If you’re ready to build a marriage you love being in and a partnership that is honest, strong, transparent and TRUSTING, then keep reading...

We’re going to share with you a transformational course that promises an innovative alternative to counseling and guarantees results -- even if you feel like you’ve tried every book, program and plan you can think of!

It's Simple... You Can No Longer Afford to Wait To Repair Your Marriage…

Right NOW is the best time for you to get involved in the relationship that is your marriage. While you still can. Stop waiting, start DOING.

Even if you’re the only one willing to work on this program, one partner who is COMMITTED to change can make massive shifts in their marriage!

One thing is for certain, if no partners are on board, then NO change will happen.

If your marriage is in trouble (or headed for trouble) and no change happens, you’re going to be facing some really tough times ahead...

  • The AVERAGE cost of a divorce is $15,000-30,000

    The process of divorce is not only stressful to both spouses but it is also very expensive. Attorneys can charge between $75 and $450 an hour with an up front retainer of $500 to $10,000. Keep in mind, this hefty price tag doesn’t account for cases that get especially messy.

  • You’ll Split Quality Time With Your Kids In Half (Including Holidays and Birthdays)

    A rocky marriage doesn’t affect just you and your partner. It also heavily impacts the day-to-day life of your kids and your extended family. Separated spouses also halve their holidays, birthdays and other important milestones.

  • You May Have To Give Up Your Home, Health Insurance And Standard of Living

    Selling your cherished home, moving expenses, new residence expenses, and therapy are just a few of the silent costs in separation many spouses never consider.

    Once divorced, you can no longer stay on your ex’s health insurance and estimates say you’ll need more than a 30% increase in income on average just to maintain the same standard of living you had prior to divorce.

  • You May Have To Watch Your Spouse ReMarry

    Even though things are bumpy now, can you imagine how much harder it would be to watch someone you love… love another? How about when you have to share raising YOUR kids with a step parent?

  • You Take Who You Are With You Into The Next Relationship

    Even if you DO re-marry, you’re going to find yourself face-to-face with the same challenges you’re facing right now. Save the heartbreak, keep your family together, and make the rest of your marriage the BEST of your marriage… starting today when you join Rescue My Marriage Pilot Program Today.

We Packed A Decade Of Study Into A Simple System, So You Can Repair Your Marriage As Quickly and Easily As Possible

It might sound impossible right now to visualize your renewed, loving marriage again...

You may be wondering if your marriage can be saved or if it's even worth hanging onto.

Even if it just feels like your marriage is "stale" or has reached the point that it has started to "fall apart" ... we CAN rebuild your marriage.. IF you let us.

You'll be shocked at how quickly The Rescue My Marriage Today Pilot Program can help you turn your marriage around for the better. How the communication with your spouse will go from awkward and angry to nurturing and positive.

….and how you will have the loving spouse and the strong, supportive marriage you have always dreamed about and deserve.

And here's the thing, it doesn't have to be complicated.

We took all the proven strategies and tactics we’ve been using to save thousands of marriage around the world and distilled them down to the most powerful and practical program available today.

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MODULE #1 - BEYOND WORDS: The Power Of Connecting Through Emotional Intimacy

Emotional Intimacy is the #1 area that most couples critically need to improve because everything revolves around being able to communicate at a deeper level.

You'll discover:

  • The 3 MAJOR sticking points that prevent effective and tension-free communication
  • How to finally get on the same page with your spouse so you know what they are thinking... consider this the closest you'll ever come to ESP.
  • How to do a "suitcase deep dive" to uncover the baggage each partner brought into the relationship. PLUS, the the 7-step process that can help you move on from it once and for all...
  • The "magic wand" exercise that helps partners understand what truly matters to each other AND how to start delivering that so both spouses can feel more fulfilled.
  • The TEN questions you need to ask yourself to know if technology (such as cellphones or laptops) are draining your marriage and killing your ability to connect with each other.

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MODULE #2 - MORE LOVE, LESS CONFLICT: How to Use Open and Honest Communication For A Stronger Marriage

We KNOW we need to communicate, but no one ever told us simple, practical and effective ways HOW to. This module is everything that SHOULD have been told about how to talk with your partner before you walked down the aisle…

  • Learn the fastest way to turn “conversations that feel awkward” into “conversations that flow”
  • We’ll show you 7 simple ways to keep communication headed in the right direction and both partners "on the same page." (Even GREAT partners often get at least 2 or 3 of these wrong).
  • Get a simple and HEALTHY action plan on how to work WITH spouses who tend to retaliate with throwing a tantrum... the "silent treatment" ...or shutting down.
  • FINALLY CRACK THE CODE ON BODY LANGUAGE: how to start reading the silent communication your partner sends so you can understand how they are really feeling and respond with more clarity and certainty ...instead of confusion and anger.

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MODULE #3 - GETTING BACK TO GETTING SOME: How To Rekindle Your Physical And Sexual Intimacy

Does your bedroom look like a scene from Desperado? Are tumbleweeds blowing through your blankets?

We built this module for those who are ready to blow the cobwebs out of their bed sheets:

  • “High Desire” vs. “Low Desire” and how to have a HEALTHY intimate relationship when two partners have varying sex drive levels
  • How to maintain sexual intimacy as your marriage (and bodies) age through your 20’s, 40’s, 60’s and beyond
  • Healing after an emotional affair, the process of setting boundaries and finding the courage to love again after one spouse (or both) have emotionally violated the marriage Why a lack of desire in your partner is YOUR challenge not theirs… and practical ways to get to work on it….
  • PLUS... 19 straight forward questions you NEED to ask your spouse if you want to revive your sexless marriage and put the heat back in your sheets once and for all

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MODULE #4 - MAKING MARRIAGE WORK DESPITE A FULL CALENDAR: Finding Time And Energy To Devote To Your Spouse

If you want a great marriage, you may think you need to GIVE a lot. That’s not the case. Learn how we’ve built TWO 6-figure business, wrangled 2  kids and never abandon our date nights:

  • The KEY MISTAKE most couples make when "drift" is happening in their relationship … and what to do about it
  • The “Top Ten" exercise that show you exactly what kind of alone time your partner values and GUARANTEES you’ll never have to beg your spouse for “quality time” together again.

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MODULE #5: FAITH AND MARRIAGE: Finding A Spiritual Connection To Each Other

  • Learn the 4 crucial components of rock solid spiritual intimacy so you can take your own connection deeper than “surface level” talk and talk about the things that truly matter in your marriage
  • The 7-step process that will help partners identify where they are in their spiritual intimacy so they can more effectively blend their physical relationship with their spiritual relationship (even if they aren't "religious")
  • Why forgiveness is "a choice" even when your partner "doesn't deserve it..." and how to open up again after you’ve been betrayed
  • The Power Of Prayer: cultivating a lifeline between your marriage and God
  • How to create a foundation for your marriage based on your faith backgrounds (even if they differ)

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MODULE #6: ONE BED, ONE BANK ACCOUNT: The Role of Money In Your Marriage

Having better conversations on money will strengthen not only your finances, but your marriage. No matter what your income is, every couple needs to learn the “art” of talking about money:

  • How to identifying spenders vs. savers and how to work together… even if you and your partner differ
  • Get to the root of your relationship with money and uncover all the subtle ways it’s creating tension in your marriage
  • Discover what it feels like to have open, honest and encouraging conversation about touchy topics like: finding common grounds on money matters and addressing destructive habits like overspending on credit cards
  • Learn how to finally stop fighting about money and repair your money relationship… regardless of your financial situation.
  • How to create a foundation for your marriage based on your faith backgrounds (even if they differ)

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MODULE #7: BEYOND THE MARRIAGE: Kids, In Laws, and Other People Who Didn’t Take Your Vows

Your marriage vows were between two people -- YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE -- but many people are involved in your marriage.

Learn how to stay and the SAME TEAM by tackling outside forces on your marriage like:

  • Why an extraordinary marriage is an intimate relationship between TWO... and how others can drive a massive wedge between an otherwise healthy husband and wife…
  • 15 specific questions you need to answer as a couple if you want to stay sane and on the same page about raising kids (no matter how different your parenting styles may be)
  • Open, honest, and transparent discussions about same sex friends so you can be united as partners and same-gender friends won’t cause controversy or drama within your marriage
  • Why your toxic in-laws, “never married” brother, and recently divorced friend can be an “under the radar” threat to your marriage... and loving strategies you can use to keep your marriage safe from these silent threats
  • The danger in taking marriage advice from people you wouldn’t trade places with...
  • 72 specific follow up resources on being intentional in your marriage, improving communication, resolving anger, improving physical intimacy, reviving your sexual intimacy, rebounding after indefinitely and porn, and repairing emotional, financial and spiritual intimacy... so your marriage is GUARANTEED to grow long after you complete our 8 week course.

Thousands Of Marriages Have Been Saved By Using Our Practical, REAL, and Simple Strategies Because THEY WORK…

We know what you’re thinking…

But will this work for OUR marriage?

Although every marriage is unique to the partners in it, there are key elements ALL happy, strong, lasting marriages must have.

The problem is...

No one teaches them to us in way that is easy to understand, FAST to apply, and quick to get results...before we say “I do.”

Until now.  

Rescue My Marriage Today will be the last course you buy to mend your marriage.

Our strategies and techniques have been tested within thousands of marriages across multiple continents and are PROVEN to work.

Here's what a few of our past students have said after applying what we teach:

I am glad I finally found a marriage coach who GETS TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER QUICKLY. Who gives me assignments that I can do RIGHT NOW that helped me save my marriage.

Tracy, married 25 years

We were at the point of getting serious about changing our marriage or going our separate ways. We didn't want to do traditional therapy, and I was skeptical to work with Alisa. Boy am I glad we did! We got to the CORE of our issues and I can say our marriage has never been stronger. We communicate like never before, our finances are completely transparent and under control, and our sex life is booming. If you are on the fence or think working with Alisa and Tony isn't for you... I promise that if you are committed to making a change THIS is the exact road you should take. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving our marriage!

Jeff, married 12 years

We had gotten to the point that we barely talked and didn't feel connected. We were making it through the day, but it didn't feel like a marriage. After (working with Alisa and Tony), our marriage has never been better! We communicate and work together and we are actually laughing and having fun with each other again! It feels good to see my husband smile again. THANK YOU!

Ashton, married 7 years

I WISH I could find words to explain what Tony and Alisa's insight and words have done to change the way I see myself AND my marriage.

Greg, married 25 years

This Will Be The Cheapest and Easiest Way We’ll Ever Offer To Work Directly With Us

The truth is, with being co-hosts of the World’s #1 Podcast on Marriage, a heavy speaking schedule and creating content that is read by hundreds of thousands of people every month and responsible for saving thousands of marriages every year -- we’re busy.

We know that most couples can’t afford to work with us one-on-one. If want to hit our goal of saving 1 million marriages we need to get this course out into the world.

BUT, we want to take 50 real real life couples through it LIVE.

This way we can build additional content in and let our listeners and readers be a part of helping us build the last marriage program struggling couples will ever buy.

For those of you who join us for the pilot program, you’ll get two special bonuses that future members will not:

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PILOT  MEMBER BONUS #1: The Cheapest Access To This Program We'll Ever Offer

As one of the 50 marriages who join the program in the pilot round, you’ll get the course at the cheapest rate we will ever offer.

After we launch the first version, we’ll take your feedback, add any supporting content our pilot members (YOU!) request, and relaunch it at double or triple the price.

As we continue to add more content, the price and value will only increase over time.

And here’s the best part -- even if you’re in the pilot program -- you’ll get access to all updates and additional content we add to the course -- FOREVER.

If you are serious about creating a marriage you cherish being in and a partnership that is honest, open, transparent and TRUSTING... then DO NOT wait to purchase Rescue My Marriage Today Pilot Program!

Get in NOW and avoid paying double (or triple) later.

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PILOT MEMBER BONUS #2: Exclusive Access To BOTH Tony And Alisa

Men and women do not function equally in marriage. In this highly interactive course, you’ll get coaching and insight from BOTH Tony and Alisa.

Outside of the Rescue My Marriage Today course, you can’t even purchase “co-coaching” from us, only Alisa.

Join as one of the 50 pilot program members today and you’ll get a once in a lifetime chance to work with both of us behind-the-scenes and on the challenges specific to YOUR marriage.

To work with JUST Alisa one-on-one in an intimate setting like this for 8 weeks straight would cost most couples around $10,000.

How Long Will You Watch Others Have The Marriage YOU Want?

The good news is that YOUR marriage CAN flourish today like never before...

The bad news is, you may not be able to get there on your own.

And that’s ok.

But if you want a new marriage, you have to do something different than what you've done before.

Get one of the pilot seats in Rescue Our Marriage Today and you'll get the extrodinadonary marriage you want and deserve.

Like these students of ours did:

Last night I started using "his" positive word of encouragement. I could tell that he was very surprised when I said it. He woke up out of his sleep, smiles and said "thank-you". Thank you to you both for your "pro-marriage" help!

Cindy, married 2 years

Tony and Alisa are awesome. They give such practical and sound advice. I know because I have been with my wife now for 15 years. We have a strong relationship with a number of ups and downs and I'm so glad I found you guys to help navigate us through this "crazy" life. Keep up the great work and continue to love each other!

Derrick, married 12 years

Full 100% Money Back Guarantee...

Join the Rescue My Marriage Today Pilot Program and if you don’t feel like you’ve gotten MASSIVE value that will change your marriage forever within the first 30 days, email us and ask for a refund.

Here’s the deal to get your refund: you have to participate and do the work.

We know this program WORKS if you DO THE WORK.

You see, most marriages are stuck because they don’t want to do the work and then they just quit.

But in Rescue Our Marriage Today we will hold you to a higher standard. This is great news for you. It means there is no easy way out -- because “easy outs” are what has damaged your marriage and led you to where you are now.

This whole program is about doing the work -- taking courageous, consistent, and smart actions that will rebuild your marriage into what you envisioned it would be the day you said “I DO.”

We’ll bring you everything we’ve got. If you do your part, and still feel like Rescue Our Marriage Today wasn’t worth it - no sweat. We will refund your money. Simple as that.

Rescue My Marriage Today is an 8-week course that will turn your marriage around and get you back to feeling wanted, needed, connected and appreciated.

Ronaldo R. Ronaldo R.

Using the things Tony and Alisa suggested in our marriage gave us instant positive change in how we value and appreciate each other.

Jurgen M. Jurgen M.

Tony and Alisa bring HOPE and HEALTH to marriages.

Purchase Your Seat In Rescue My Marriage Today - and here’s what you’ll get:

  • 7 Modules of the best, proven and easy-to-apply marriage saving strategies we’ve tested and perfected that have already saved thousands of marriages
  • 8 LIVE 90 Minute Webinars With Direct Access To Tony And Alisa - weekly webinars every Tuesday night at 6PM PST. (Webinars are recorded for those who cannot attend)
  • Worksheets and action steps for every module -- so that you know exactly what to do, in what order, and when.

The course will start Tuesday April 12th and run for 8 weeks.

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You are protected by our 30-day risk free guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • q-iconThis sounds great! But what if my spouse doesn't want to participate?

    It is suggested that both partners participate, but ONE partner who is COMMITTED to change can make massive shifts in their marriage.

    Even if you’re the only one working through the strategies in Rescue My Marriage Today, your marriage WILL benefit.

    One thing is for certain, if no partners are on board, then NO change will happen.

    And if your partner ever changes their mind, you’ll have access to all the content and worksheets for life.

  • q-iconHow do we know if we are ready to join?

    Are you ready to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING it takes to save your marriage or make your marriage better than it is now?

    If you answered yes, then Rescue My Marriage Today is for you.

  • q-iconHow do we participate in the course? Rescue My Marriage Today is super interactive online course. Once a week on Tuesday nights at 6PM PST we'll do a LIVE webinar.

    On the webinar we will cover all the course content for that week, walk through the worksheets and open the floor for a Q&A with Tony and Alisa. You’ll have the opportunity ask any questions you have and we’ll discuss how to apply the SPECIFIC strategies we present in the course to your marriage that week.

  • q-iconWhat if I'm international or can't make the LIVE webinars?

    That’s ok! We will be recording every webinar so you can review it at a time that works best for you. Email us your questions and we’ll answer them via email support.

  • q-iconWhat if I can't afford Rescue My Marriage Today?

    The way we see it, Rescue My Marriage is an investment. In your marriage, your future, and for your family.

    This is not some run of the mill program. We are condensing over a decade of knowledge into 8  weeks that will SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE.

    If you can’t afford this program — can you really afford a divorce?

    For those who need to be extra budget conscious, we do offer payment plans.

  • q-iconWhat if I still have more questions about Rescue My Marriage Today?

    No problem! We are here to answer your questions and help you overcome any obstacles you may have in trying to join. Email us directly at: [email protected]

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You are protected by our 30-day risk free guarantee

Be one of the 50 couples to join the pilot program now and avoid paying double (or triple) after we release it publicly on our site.

PS. Do you need PRACTICAL and easy-to-apply strategies that will turn your marriage around and build your partnership into one that is honest, open, transparent and TRUSTING?  

We're taking 50 couples through a marriage bootcamp that will condense all the best (and proven) methods we’ve used to save thousands of marriages a year across multiple contents in JUST 8  weeks.

Rescue My Marriage Today will be the last marriage course you'll ever buy. BUT, you have to act now.

Seats are limited to 50 and this course WILL double (or triple) when we release it to the public.