A Quick Intimacy Lifestyle Overview [VIDEO]

Who would ever schedule sex? You might think that it’s not spontaneous, it’s not intimate, and it’s too structured.

A Quick Intimacy Lifestyle Overview

Honestly… it IS spontaneous, intimate and much more!

Scheduling sex is about giving you and your spouse a way to be sexually intimate on a regular basis that is best for the two of you.

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Listen to the ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show on how you can schedule sex and implement the Intimacy Lifestyle in your marriage.

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If you feel like your sex life is more of a fizzle than a wildfire, we want you to know you’re not alone.

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One thought on “SCHEDULING SEX…

  1. Tony & Alisa,

    My wife and I adopted the intimacy lifestyle earlier this summer. Our frequency has gone from once a week (maybe) to three times a week but more importantly, intimacy has become a priority rather than an afterthought or an obligation.

    For me (high desire) it has been amazing. In fact, the “Taking the guesswork out…” has made such a difference in reducing my stress level regarding “…when you’re gonna get some” that we are talking about reducing down to twice a week. We’ll look into that after we complete the 7 Days of Sex Challenge that we are starting tomorrow!

    But the most amazing thing about the intimacy lifestyle, for us, is something that I haven’t heard being talked about.

    Prior to starting the intimacy lifestyle, my wife assumed that I was always trying to initiate sex. I have always slept naked but skin-to-skin contact was pretty minimal. If I tried to cuddle up, she would become tense, and if I started to become erect, she would pull away. I would try to explain that it’s just the hormones and I’m not pressuring her for sex all the time, but she never believed it.

    Now, with the intimacy lifestyle, my wife is much, much more comfortable with my body. She knows ahead of time what is an initiation (we agreed to be explicit and give at least 4 hours notice) and what is just closeness. We hug more, we cuddle more, we shower together and can playfully tease each other. I have gone from feeling like she was avoiding me to feeling like she really desires me.

    I never would have guessed the depths of change the intimacy lifestyle could make, but it has bumped my ho-hum marriage up to the point where we were recently told by a young couple, that they hoped they could still be as much in love as we are after 20 years.

    Thank you for everything you do,