You are all excited to take some time away, maybe a long weekend or a week long vacation, with your spouse.


You know the two of you are going to have sex and yet have you discussed how many times you will have sex while away.

Your sexpectations and those of your spouse may be drastically different for the trip.

Taking time before you leave to clarify what each of your sexpectations are will allow for both of you to enjoy your time off.

This week Tony & Alisa talk about how their sexpectations were drastically different on a recent vacation. They share the highs and the lows from before they left until the time they got home.

He Zigs, She Zags: Getting You Communication on the Same Path

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2 thoughts on “178: SEXPECTATIONS

  1. Interesting concept. I can honestly say we have never discussed the frequency of sex prior to travels. Our travels pre & post kids have usually been to visit family, so sex isn’t much on the radar. The most we get without kids is 1 night which = sex once…not too complex an issue.