When was the last time you and your spouse took a shower together? 

couples taking a shower together showering to build intimacy 6 pillars

For many couples, showering together is a way to build intimacy—the closeness and connection between the two of you—while also adding an element of fun to marriage. 

As with any activity, showering together as spouses can grow stale over time if you aren’t trying new things. This simple action has tremendous benefits, so keeping it fresh in your marriage is important. 

To help you get the most out of your showers, take a look at these six new strategies you can start implementing today. 

Why Shower Together?

The 6 Pillars of Intimacy® are the foundation of your marriage. They provide strength and beauty to your relationship as husband and wife. 

It’s a good idea to explore any action that affects multiple pillars at once, and taking a shower together is one of those actions! 

When it comes to showering together, the pillars that likely come to mind are physical and sexual intimacy. But showering together can enhance two other pillars you might not have anticipated.

Physical Intimacy

First, physical intimacy is a clear component of showering together. 

A shower is a confined space where you can touch each other’s bodies. As you kiss your spouse, wash their hair, or lather their body in soap, you tap into your physical intimacy. 

These are loving touches that express affection. 

Sexual Intimacy

Second, showering together can strengthen your sexual intimacy. 

You might initiate sex by hopping in the shower with your spouse. The touching and kissing you do in the shower can be foreplay. 

Intercourse can happen in the shower or afterward. Since you’re already naked, showering together is a great way to jumpstart sexual intimacy. 

Emotional Intimacy 

Third, being naked and vulnerable before your spouse requires emotional intimacy.

This pillar doesn’t always come to mind when listing the benefits of a couple’s shower. However, as you stand before each other naked, there is an atmosphere of trust and safety.

There are many ways to strengthen your emotional intimacy, but showering together is a way that engages both your mind and body. 

It’s one thing to talk to your spouse about the things you care about; it’s another thing to do it while completely exposed. 

An added benefit of showering together is that it limits distractions. Phones, kids, and other distractions can get in the way of connecting with your spouse. 

So when you take a moment to connect in the privacy of your shower, you can be fully present and deepen your intimacy. 

Recreational Intimacy 

Finally, taking a shower together as a couple can strengthen recreational intimacy. This pillar is all about the things you do together for fun. 

While recreational intimacy often happens in the form of dates, it can be as simple as hopping into the shower together to make a memory! 

Perhaps you and your spouse like to splash water at each other. As you laugh at your own antics, you’re spending quality time together and enhancing your recreational intimacy. 

Six New Strategies for Showering Together

Need ideas for how to step up your showers? Check out the six creative strategies below that you can try today!

1. Buy a Special Scented Soap

Scents are strongly connected to memories. To make your showers extra special, purchase a soap or bath product to use when you’re in the shower together. 

The more you use this soap, body wash, or hair product, the more its scent will remind you of your spouse when you’re apart. 

2. Take Time to Touch Each Other 

To take full advantage of showering with your spouse, make sure to touch them. 

You can do this in non-sexual, loving ways. For example, lather the soap and wash their body from head to toe, paying attention to each area you touch. Another idea is to shampoo your spouse’s hair and massage their scalp. 

Your touches can be sexual, too. Make the two of you communicate expectations before and during your shower together so you feel comfortable throughout the experience. 

3. Create a Shower Playlist 

Whether you like to sing in the shower or not, curating a playlist can make your showers together extra fun. 

These could be upbeat songs to help the two of you start your day, calm instrumental music to help you wind down together, or sentimental songs from the early days of your relationship. As you sing together while showering, you can strengthen emotional and recreational intimacy. 

4. Clean Up After Getting Dirty Together

A shower doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Instead, make it the grand finale of your time together. 

Are you sweaty from playing pickleball together? Do you need to cool down after gardening outside in the sun? Have you just finished enjoying a sexual activity? Keep the good times going by cleaning up together.

5. Set the Mood With Candles

No matter the time of day, you can make showering together meaningful by lighting a candle or two. 

Romance doesn’t have to be reserved for evenings or date nights. In fact, lighting a candle whenever the two of you are showering can turn a mundane task into a moment of connection. 

6. Plan a Sexy Shower 

A shower can contribute to sexual intimacy in many ways, whether as romance, foreplay, or intercourse.

Add adventure to your sex life by having oral sex or intercourse in the shower. 

If your shower at home limits your options, do some research before your next romantic getaway to select a hotel with a shower where you can foresee yourselves having sex! 

It might take some planning, but it’s worth it. Trying new things together can strengthen your bond as husband and wife and add new skills to your marriage toolbox. 

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