Isn’t it ironic that it is only called snooping when there is something to hide.

Maybe you have been the one to hide something or maybe it was your spouse.

When secrets start to creep into the marriage that’s when the accusations of snooping, spying, and going through “my stuff” start to surface.

This behavior started at some point in your marriage and now it’s driving a wedge between the two of you.

How did this even get started?

What happened since you said, “I Do”?

Whatever it may be you need to build your marriage on a foundation of trust, not secrets, love not lies.

Top 3 Ways Trust Is Broken In Your Marriage

Lack of Connection

Over time couples can struggle with a breakdown in their connection.

This can take the form of less talking, less time together and even less sex.

When the two of you aren’t connected it’s easy to look outside of the marriage for connection or satisfaction.

This can look like an affair, secret shopping, confiding in others, focused hobbies, etc.

Each one will start to chip away at the trust you have with your spouse if not addressed.


“Variety is the spice of life” and routines in marriage can be both good and bad.

The good part is that certain routines just help you function through your day and eliminate the need to always be making decisions.

The bad part, boredom can look like you are taking your spouse for granted.

You do the same thing, the same way every time. This can be everything from what you have for dinner to where you go on a date to your sexual positions.

Sometimes when people get bored they look for excitement in other places.

Lack of Guardrails

Most couples don’t start off their marriage saying things like, “This is how we are going to set up our marriage in regard to friendships, money, telling the truth, etc.”

More often than not, there seems to be this expectation that things will just go the way that they are supposed to.

Unfortunately, without expressed guardrails, the ability to step over the line into lying, being deceptive, and secretive is quite easy.

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