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Trust Me! Restore, Renew & Rebuild Your Foundation

Discover How Small (And Large) Breaches Of Trust Damage
Your Marriage And How To Handle Them In A Healthy Way


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Congratulations on your purchase of Trust Me! Restore,Renew & Rebuild Your Foundation.

This program is going to help you: 

1. Stay patient and present throughout the process

2. Provide a sincere apology (not just paying lip service to make the situation go away)

3. Accept responsibility and explain your actions

4. Acknowledge your shortcomings and responsibilities to release yourself from guilt and shame

5. Discuss your needs honestly and openly

6. And much, much more…

You’ll find the full program below, including video, audio, slides, and bonuses of the training sessions to rebuild the trust in your marriage. 

Once your foundation of trust begins to be restored, all other aspects of the marriage will improve as well.



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Start With Just ONE 60-Minute Session

We invite you to dive deeper into your emotional intimacy.

Work with Alisa to help you and your spouse overcome the communication issues you face.

Alisa will help you identify the real problems, then work with you to come up with real solutions.

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