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"My wife and I were having some issues in our marriage and were at the point of either changing our behavior or at serious risk of going our separate ways. Neither one of us was interested in going to traditional therapy. Shelly made the suggestion we begin coaching. I was skeptical thinking it wouldn't be fair or she would have an advantage since she sought out Alisa. Boy was I wrong, we were treated equally and fairly. Alisa helped us get to the core of our issues and gave us the tools we need to have an extraordinary marriage. It's been close to 5 months now and I have to say our marriage has never been stronger, our communication is like never before, our finances are completely transparent and finally under control. On top of all of these our sex life is booming and we have discovered date night again. If you are on the fence or think marriage coaching isn't for you, I promise that if you are committed to making a change this is exactly the road you should take. Thank you Alisa for saving our marriage."

- Joe & Shelly T., California

"There really is a huge difference between tolerating my husband and actually enjoying him, spending time with him and loving him. Over the weekend I experienced a fleeting moment when I experienced butterflies in my stomach, giddy feelings for my husband. It took me by surprise. And I was really happy to experience the sensation. But here is the really important part. I realized that those feelings had come back as the actions I've been taking because of Alisa. Alisa challenges me to go beyond what I think I'm capable of doing and then holds me accountable. The strategic coaching sessions have brought me to a place where those butterflies mean that we are building our lives together again."

- Sarah S., Alabama

Work with Alisa to help you and your spouse overcome even the most daunting problems a marriage can face, or any combination of them!


  • Lack of sex or low sexual desire...
  • Serious communication issues...
  • Overwhelming levels of "busyness" that interfere with the marriage...
  • Plain lack of emotional or physical energy to apply to the marriage...
  • Time management issues that have caused couples to drift apart...
  • Marriage that have been affected by the demands of raising a family...
  • Many, many others!

Alisa will help you identify the real problems,
then work with you to come up with real solutions.

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"You will never know what your insights and your words have done to change the way I see myself and my marriage. The strategic strategy sessions I did with Alisa helped me to get the clarity I needed to be able to bring up sticky topics with my wife. We're finally at a point again where we are talking about deeper topics in our marriage that haven't been talked about in years. It's so refreshing to not talk about the surface level conversations all the time. Thank you Alisa for all your insights and getting me out of my comfort zone."

- Gregory C., Ohio

"Our communication is getting better and better everyday because of the tools Alisa shared with us during our strategic coaching sessions. We are working thru issues and topics without arguing. Life is completely different and we are loving it! We cannot explain to you how thankful we are for your help and coaching. We still listen to our recordings with you and use what we have learned during those sessions daily! Thanks again for everything."

- Ashley & Todd G., Tennessee

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