It’s November: The perfect time to look back on the year and ask yourself an important question. What are you truly grateful for this year?


With a bit of time and perspective, even challenging moments can become something you are grateful for.

You might be grateful for reaching a milestone, growing closer to your spouse in The 6 Pillars of Intimacy®, or experiencing healing in your marriage. Whatever you experienced this year, it’s time to pause and be grateful.

This article is a snapshot of what couples in the ONE Family are truly grateful for this year.

These things may inspire you, encourage you, or resonate with you. Perhaps it can also help you identify the areas of your life and marriage that you are grateful for this year.

I’m Truly Grateful For My Spouse

Among the ONE Family, there is no lack of appreciation for spouses. Here is what people are grateful for when it comes to their spouse…

“I am thankful for a loving wife that works hard to make sure we all stay on track and get everything done, as well as put in the work to make our marriage work!”

“I’m grateful for my husband stepping up with finances, being more conscious about spending, and working hard to cover the second income we lose from me being home with our first son, and not once has he made me feel guilty about wanting to be home. I am so lucky he encourages it.”

“My wife has been beside me for over 31 years. But these last few months, when I have needed her most, her commitment to me and our life together has skyrocketed. I can’t put into words how much more I love her now. My wife truly is one of a kind. No one else I would want to do life with.”

“I’m thankful for my wife. She has changed jobs and in my eyes is doing amazing. She is the love of my life. So thankful she is my wife.”

“I’m grateful that my husband has been home so much more this year and has been able to spend more quality time with his family but also quality time with me.”

“I’m grateful for a husband that is willing to sacrifice so much and endure hardship alongside me for me to be happy and fulfilled in a good job.”

“I am grateful that our marriage just keeps getting better and better with each day that passes. Grateful for his smiling face at the end of a long day. Grateful for the sound of his voice and the way it soothes my soul. I’m grateful for his devotion to me and for his magic forehead kisses that make me feel like EVERYTHING is already perfect for that moment in time.”

I’m Truly Grateful For Miracles

This year has not been easy for many couples. Yet, several people in the ONE Family are able to report incredible miracles that they experienced. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I’m grateful that my husband is alive and did not have a head or spinal cord injury after being knocked off of a ladder 17 feet in the air.”

“My husband survived his heart attack in February, our grandson was born healthy in May, and I got the all-clear from cancer in June. [We just celebrated our] 35th Wedding Anniversary.”

“After also nearly losing everything including my husband, [I have] so much gratitude even when he’s on my last nerve (and I am on his last nerve as well)even grateful we still get to have annoyances along with enjoyment of each other. Lots of pillars to strengthen, but we get to.”

I’m Truly Grateful For Our Family

Being a parent comes with its own challenges. But it also comes with incredible joys.

This year, couples in the ONE Family report being grateful for…

“Children that are healthy and pursuing their passions. Watching our adult children grow up and thrive is an amazing thing to watch.”


“A healthy 3rd pregnancy after losing our second pregnancy last year.”

“Our 14 year old boys who are healthy, kind, fun and still love hanging out with us.”

I’m Truly Grateful For a Restored Marriage

Each day, couples in the ONE Family put in the work to create the extraordinary marriage they desire. It requires time, effort, and a commitment to strengthening The 6 Pillars of Intimacy®.

This year, couples are especially grateful for…

“A renewed relationship with my husband. We didn’t have a honeymoon phase. We had six kids (three at home), three jobs, and 900sqft; we got married a week before the COVID lockdowns started when our youngest was 16mo. This summer, we hit a wall… a brick one, hard. Last month, we both committed to do things differently. The changes we have made are amazing, and as a bonus, our kids are grossed out because we can’t stop kissing.”

“A stronger marriage this year than last…but still working on it.”

“The restoration for my family.”

“A marriage that continues to grow.”

“Honestlythis year we are celebrating everything, because we very nearly lost all of it.”

“I am truly grateful for the blessings God has provided my wife and I in rebuilding our marriage. Twenty-six years in, and we are closer, happier, and more in touch with one another than we’ve ever been.”

I’m Truly Grateful For My Faith

Faith is an important pillar in life and marriage. Couples in the ONE Family also say they are grateful for…

“The challenges and trials God has used in our lives to bring my wife and I closer than we’ve ever been.”

“My new found faith (over the last 3 years), and that my husband is growing in faith.”

“God’s wisdom, mercy and grace in my life.”

“God’s presence in our lives and his intervention and guidance with difficult decisions.”

I’m Truly Grateful For Milestones and Victories

“[I’m thankful for] being able to run 17 full marathons this year.”

“I’m emerging from a long season of depression. My kids are finally getting to know the real me, and my oldest is 9!”

“We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary.”

“We got married!”

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