The silent treatment is an act of completely ignoring your spouse as a means of expressing contempt or disapproval for what they said or did.

What Married Couples Need Know About the Silent Treatment

In our marriage the silent treatment was common place for many years. A disagreement would occur and BOOM Alisa would go into silent mode. Truthfully, it was her default mode to anything she didn’t agree with.

The silent treatment may come about when you or your spouse shuts down emotionally, your overwhelmed with the conversation, or you have a physiological response (blood pressure rises, sweaty palms, stomach turning, etc).

Each of these are indicative of a pattern that needs to be addressed.

You shut down, you don’t talk about the topic/subject and you hope it goes away… leaving a huge elephant in the room.

Some common topics that may lead to the silent treatment are:

  • Finances
  • Kids
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Who you’re spending time around
  • Work (hours, expectations, other co-workers)

Each of these if not addressed will cause distance in your marriage, unhappiness, loss of emotional intimacy and frustration.

Watch the video below to learn what you can do to end the silent treatment in your marriage.

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Listen to the ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show on one way you can avoid the silent treatment at the end of the day after walking in the door.

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