“You can’t help getting older but you don’t have to get OLD.” —George Burns

How old do you think you will be when you stop having sex?

In case no one else has, let us be the first to tell you that there’s no age at which sexual intimacy in marriage ceases to be a reality.

The truth is that all of us get older every day, but just like learning and education are lifelong processes, so is your sexual intimacy. Don’t accept the Hollywood stereotype that says only the young have sex; it’s not true.

But we’ll be real – there are changes that happen and we’re here to equip you with information to empower you rather than let it blindside you.

Aging is a natural process, and it’s in how we face the reality that we can be equipped for success.

Biological Facts:

Women: Menopause does change a woman’s body. The vaginal wall thins and becomes less lubricated (note: check out our lube recommendations on our Amazon Shop). However, 75% of women don’t experience orgasms primarily through vaginal intercourse; the clitoris is responsible for the majority of the excitement and pleasure. The clitoris remains unchanged throughout menopause.

Men: Erectile Dysfunction (ED) does become more common with age. There is an abundance or research on causes and treatments and we won’t get into the specifics here, but ED is not a termination of your sexual experience. There are lots of natural and pharmaceutical treatments available. Additionally, the role of conversations and healthy spousal emotional intimacy can be notable to erection quality.

So how can you equip your marriage for satisfying sexual intimacy into the future?

First, we want you to have intelligent conversations with your spouse about your body now and in the future. Recognize that putting up a wall because of embarrassment is only driving a wedge between you and your spouse and it is costing you satisfaction in your marriage.

Second, celebrate your bodies for what they are today: your scars have stories to tell and your curves represent all that you have overcome in your years. Remember that sexiness is 90% mental, only 10% physical.

And lastly, shift your mindset about what sex will be as you age.

A study by the National Commission on Aging (NCOA) shows that women find sex over age 70 as more physically satisfying than they did in their 40’s. Sex was also shown to be more emotionally satisfying for both genders.


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