“You learn something every day IF you pay attention.” Ray LeBlond

It’s that time of year again… back to school season. 

It’s the time of year when kids across the country, say goodbye to endless hours of play and get back into a schedule.

Without the distractions of summer vacations, afternoons at the pool and entertaining the kids, you and your spouse may feel the excitement of the season. Or it’s very possible that the transition back to school is more of a bumpy road than a season of bliss for you. 

The lead into the fall season is a bit contagious and filled with a few unknowns. There is no doubt about that. Sometimes we forget that the start of the school year isn’t just for the kids.

This is a great time for you and your spouse to get back into the swing of things while embracing the things to come for everyone. It’s no joke, summer is FUN but honestly, the fall is a great time to make things happen in your family and marriage.

There are many things that you can do to create a new rhythm for your marriage during this transition as well as your family. You just need to embrace them.

Summer for many of you has a more relaxed feeling that’s filled with less structure and more freedom. It’s a great break for all of us and the perfect time to explore. Although summer is a great season to be in, there’s also something special about having a set schedule and expectations in place to guide both the kids and your marriage. 

Yes, there are things that are added to your schedule when the kids head back to school like sports and after school activities, but those things don’t have to be something that burdens you. When the kids go back to school, it’s your time as a couple that can flourish if you view this season as one of opportunity and not a burden. 

For instance:

  • Earlier bedtimes mean more opportunities for sex and creating time that’s reserved for you and your spouse.
  • There’s the excitement of a quickie before the kids get home from school! Think afternoon delight.
  • The predictability that going back to school creates can give you more confidence in what needs to get done and who’s going to do it.

Remember you and you alone, choose what your mindset will be. If you begin to focus on the negatives of juggling schedules and making lunches, then this period of time is going to be tough for you. 

But if you move into this season with excitement and an open mind, you can begin to see this season (and all seasons in your life) as one’s filled with opportunities instead of obstacles.

By reigning in your own tendency to go “negative Nellie” and choosing to focus on the opportunities that going back to school can bring, you may find that you can experience huge growth in your marriage and life.

It’s all about embracing the rhythm of things and maximizing the power of good communication, planning and being excited about all areas of your life!

You’re quickly heading into the last months of the year and if you think about it, it’s a great time to embrace the natural flow of back to school time and embrace the power of the season. So let’s head back to school.

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