“You are what you listen to.” Alicia Keyes

Media is an array of platforms for messages to be distributed –  both good and bad (and sometimes odd). We need to be intentional about how we let media influence us and our marriages.

Suppose a man named Tony came to your house every morning at 7am and tossed his previous days’ garbage across your living room. This would be obnoxious and a pain, but it probably wouldn’t hurt your property value long-term.

But now suppose he did this every morning — because you invited him in. The carpet would start to accumulate a scent as mold and rotting trash became regular contaminants of your home. There would be gradual, eroding effects on your home and belongings.

It’s the same way with your mind with what you listen to.

To ignore the effects of the music, information, marketing, and personalities is like leaving the room every time Tony comes to sprinkle his trash. There is an impact whether you acknowledge it or not. The impact of words you listen to over time plant seeds and shape your worldview.

It impacts your outlook on life, your mood, your expectations for yourself and others — including your marriage. We challenge you to think critically about the messages you listen to; do they affirm a monogamous, healthy marriage? Music is infamous for glorifying extramarital sex, but talk show hosts and comedians can cast a negative light on marriage, too.

It’s time we grow up and take responsibility for our attitudes and actions and assess how what we listen to shapes us.

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